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Angry Uterus Plush with Heating Pad Pocket

Angry Uterus Plush with Heating Pad Pocket

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Because who's Uterus doesn't get a little angry sometimes?!
Plushie is 14 inches at widest point and is about 10 inches tall.
Made from a soft blanket yarn and is stuffed to be firm but cuddly.
Body blanket yarn is a pink color and has sparkles in it as well.
Seriously though, who doesn't need one of these?
Comes with 1 Rice filled Microwavable Heating Pad to put in the pocket on the back.



Do you need an ovary [or both] removed? what about the tubes? endometriosis scars? csection scar? please let me know all modifications to make this angry uterus your own!


$10 of every Angry Uterus Sale goes to Planned Parenthood. 

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