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funktional crochet

yarnbaubles is a woman owned business focused on bringing you cute and functional crochet designs, as well as funky earrings and some cool ass crochet hooks without charging you an arm and a leg.


yarnbaubles started out as a hobby for owner, Shelby. She's been crocheting items for over 21 years. After she had her two boys and became a stay at home mom, she decided that she wanted crafting and crocheting to be more than a past-time, thus yarnbaubles was born.

Questions or Concerns? Want to request a custom, but don't see a Make to Order Listing for it?
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Jacksonville, FL

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Shop Policies

♥Items that are Ready to Ship will generally take 1-3 days to ship depending on weekends and holidays. It stresses me out to have people waiting on me though so I do try to get things out ASAP.


♥Items that are Made to Order are on a first come, first serve basis. My Custom Order Wait List is generally low though so it is pretty quick to get a custom/Make to Order. 3-5 business days when it is low, but it could take upwards of 2-3 weeks during the busy season. Please be patient and if you have any questions please message me! 

♥I am one person with two small humans depending on me for every possible thing they need. I give back the same energy I am given, so if you're an asshole or rude I will be just that right back. This is your only warning. 

♥This is not Amazon or a Big Box Store. If you have an issue with your order, please message me. I do not give refunds or exchanges without receiving the product back first, and you are responsible for any shipping costs to send the product you are unsatisfied with. Please message me first if there is an issue though.

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